COUNTDOWN TO 2019 Pike County Election Day:


Partisan Court Causes Confusion in Congressional Races


Democrats Sink to a New Law with Judicial Activism

Milford, PA, February 26, 2018– Tomorrow, February 27, candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives will begin circulating petitions to get on the ballot for the Primary Election. Unfortunately, due to the shameful display of partisanship by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, potential candidates and voters are unsure as to what district they will be part of when it comes time to vote in the Primary and General Elections. The partisan gerrymandering and power grab by Democratic Party operatives hiding behind robes has caused unnecessary chaos and confusion as the petition process begins.

The Court’s map is judicial activism at its worst and a violation of separation of powers that throws out over 200 years of precedent. The usurpation of power by the Court through the invalidation of the 2011 bipartisan maps, and the drawing and imposition of their own maps that clearly favor their party, is an attempt to stop the president’s agenda by ensuring that Democrats have a better chance of taking over congress this year.

What the Democrats are doing in Pennsylvania is a new low for our commonwealth and politics in general. Leaders in the state house and senate, as well as incumbent congressmen, have filed suits in federal court at the appellate level and directly to the United States Supreme Court to put an end to this madness. We can only hope that the federal courts will apply the constitution properly as we wait to find out just what congressional district Pike County will be in.

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